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  After a brief hiatus to focus on other life matters, we have reunited with more energy and passion than ever before. Determined to share our unique rock blend with the masses we have hit the practice studio hard and are gearing up to produce our long awaited debut album.

  Producing our own album is a major undertaking both in time and in money.  We will be recording and mixing the album ourselves which will help cut down on the costs, associated with producing this album, considerably, but there are still additional costs associated with pressing the album that we are looking for help with.

  We have started a fundraising campaign, loaded with perks to help fund this album. We have set our initial funding goal at $1,000 for this project. The $1,000 goal will be used to press and distribute the debut album through discmakers.com.  By using this site we are able to customize everything relating to our album while maintaining a level of professionalism that we expect from our work.  This limited edition debut album will include, cover art by the band, band photos, written song lyrics and the best self-mastered material we have to offer, presented in a 6-panel CD insert.

  If you would like to help us in producing this album along with helping us to spread our music to the masses please head over to our Indiegogo website (link above) and donate what you can to help make our dreams become a reality.

Thank you for your time and we will see you at a show!!