Album Update Facebook announcement


Well we are gearing up for what looks like a February release date! It was last March 14th that we achieved our goal on indiegogo and we are about to shoot the cover photo for the front and back of the 6 panel disc. I am done mixing and mastering the music and the process to create the discs will be underway once we create and organize all the images and text for the album. Our album artwork designer Matt George will be helping create something extremely unique and different and we are excited to give you a finished product. Much thanks to those 13 individuals who helped make this possible and we’ve written a thank you song that will be featured as the last song which was a completely improvised jam where we give you all a nod in being a part of this first debut album!

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Here is another sneak peak of our song Freaky Cheeks which features @lindatucker319 on background vocals!

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