Album still in the works

The completion of Spiked Punch at The High School Dance indiegogo funded album is still in progress. JFork was hired to edit the movie “Headlock” so production on the album was on a 2 month hiatus while he was in LA. What is left to be completed of the record…

(mixed) 1. Where Beauty Lies
(mixed) 2. Freeky Cheeks
(mixed) 3. Surveillance State
(mixed) 4. Danabob
(need vocals) 5. Tissue Grinder
(need vocals, touch ups) 6. Titty Song
(mixing) 7. Nothing Matters in this world (When Love is on your mind)
(mixed) 8. Pyau
(recording drums, bass, guitar, vocals) 9. Another Day
(recording drums, bass, guitar, vocals) 10. Thank you Song