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SPIKED PUNCH on the O’s and Yankee’s Game???!!!

MAY 15, Tree House Lounge in Washington D.C. 10pm

MAY 15, Tree House Lounge in Washington D.C.


Saturday MARCH 21ST @ TREE HOUSE LOUNGE in Washington DC

*Discounted* Signed COPY OF THE ALBUM included with price of admission

Time: 10:30pm. Admission: $10. Age restrictions: No Minors.
Address: 1006 Florida Avenue NE, Washington DC 20002. ALBUM RELEASE PARTY!!!!!!!
It’s been a year since we began our Indiegogo album fundraising campaign and we’re here to celebrate all our hard work! For fans of Rage Against the Machine and Red Hot Chili Peppers come check out Spiked Punch at The High School Dance be there at 10:30pm You can bring food to the venue, food not provided but there are great food places all around.